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Joy and Perfectionism

Joy and perfectionism. They are two different entities. Opposites. A twisted vine of lies, shame and sadness. Perfectionism is defined as unachievable unexpections and the inability to be happy unless these high expectations are reached. Perfectionism destroys our happiness. It ravages self-esteem. Encourages bitterness and resentment. It steals our joy. Perfection is unattainable. Growth is… Continue reading Joy and Perfectionism

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Joy vs Happiness – Are we Chasing the Wrong Thing?

On the whole, we do not distinguish between joy and happiness and think that they are the same thing. However positive psychologists (yes that is a thing!) have found that there is a distinct difference between joy and happiness, and this difference may be a turning point in a quest for joy and happiness. Happiness… Continue reading Joy vs Happiness – Are we Chasing the Wrong Thing?

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Why is a Cluttered House so Stressful?

You stand outside the front door. Put the key in the lock and walk inside.  All that you can see is the dishes on the side of the sink. The coats falling off the coat hooks. Shoes cluttering up the bottom of the stairs. The overwhelm rising each day. The frustration and anxiety becoming ingrained… Continue reading Why is a Cluttered House so Stressful?