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The S word

Self care. What springs to mind when you think of these two simple words? The individualistic, consumeristic self, indulging in 'care' which is additional, luxurious and hidden? Or the definition of self? The entirety of a person, mind, body, soul, spirit? Ownership and autonomy over particular set of features? What images springs forth from 'care'?… Continue reading The S word

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Embracing this Season of Motherhood

I couldn't understand why I struggled so much through the tantrums. Why homework became a battle of wills. The threat of a lego invasion is moving me to a place of despair and stress. The garden, currently a muddy mess, had become a place I no longer relished while watching them hang upside down on… Continue reading Embracing this Season of Motherhood

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Joy and Perfectionism

Joy and perfectionism. They are two different entities. Opposites. A twisted vine of lies, shame and sadness. Perfectionism is defined as unachievable unexpections and the inability to be happy unless these high expectations are reached. Perfectionism destroys our happiness. It ravages self-esteem. Encourages bitterness and resentment. It steals our joy. Perfection is unattainable. Growth is… Continue reading Joy and Perfectionism

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Mental Illness and Happiness

Joy is not elusive. Irrespective of mental illnesses, Joy is still always present.But how can joy be present, when your illness/disorder is crippling any sense of joy, hope or purpose? When the emptiness feels overwhelming, all-encompassing and eternal? The struggle comes when your mental health is creating a lifestyle which is opposite to a life… Continue reading Mental Illness and Happiness

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Joy vs Happiness – Are we Chasing the Wrong Thing?

On the whole, we do not distinguish between joy and happiness and think that they are the same thing. However positive psychologists (yes that is a thing!) have found that there is a distinct difference between joy and happiness, and this difference may be a turning point in a quest for joy and happiness. Happiness… Continue reading Joy vs Happiness – Are we Chasing the Wrong Thing?

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How Simplifying Relationships Results in Happier Relationships

Expectations. Simplify them. Lower them. Then lower them some more. So often we get caught up in our expectations towards the one whom we love. We have this dream of a spouse who knows us completely, who can mind read, who is perfect and one who doesn't really exist! This is something I have really… Continue reading How Simplifying Relationships Results in Happier Relationships