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Joy vs Happiness – Are we Chasing the Wrong Thing?

On the whole, we do not distinguish between joy and happiness and think that they are the same thing. However positive psychologists (yes that is a thing!) have found that there is a distinct difference between joy and happiness, and this difference may be a turning point in a quest for joy and happiness. Happiness… Continue reading Joy vs Happiness – Are we Chasing the Wrong Thing?

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How Simplifying Relationships Results in Happier Relationships

Expectations. Simplify them. Lower them. Then lower them some more. So often we get caught up in our expectations towards the one whom we love. We have this dream of a spouse who knows us completely, who can mind read, who is perfect and one who doesn't really exist! This is something I have really… Continue reading How Simplifying Relationships Results in Happier Relationships

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January- The Happy Month!

Joy. Happiness. Contentment. January is going to be full of these purposeful moments which grow love, joy, happiness and contentment. Throughout January i will be sharing more of what we are doing to increase joy in our lives through simplicity. Including our ”Happiness Project, ” what the difference between joy and happiness is (positive psychology… Continue reading January- The Happy Month!

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How to Start Simplifying

The process to begin simplifying is not a one time thing! Unfortunately, there is no magic spell! Instead it is a continual process. A process of questioning, processing and implementing the changes you want to see.  The process of simplifying won't happen overnight. In order for this change to happen, it has to be processed… Continue reading How to Start Simplifying