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Mental Illness and Happiness

Joy is not elusive. Irrespective of mental illnesses, Joy is still always present.But how can joy be present, when your illness/disorder is crippling any sense of joy, hope or purpose? When the emptiness feels overwhelming, all-encompassing and eternal? The struggle comes when your mental health is creating a lifestyle which is opposite to a life… Continue reading Mental Illness and Happiness

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How to Start Simplifying

The process to begin simplifying is not a one time thing! Unfortunately, there is no magic spell! Instead it is a continual process. A process of questioning, processing and implementing the changes you want to see.  The process of simplifying won't happen overnight. In order for this change to happen, it has to be processed… Continue reading How to Start Simplifying

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Why is a Cluttered House so Stressful?

You stand outside the front door. Put the key in the lock and walk inside.  All that you can see is the dishes on the side of the sink. The coats falling off the coat hooks. Shoes cluttering up the bottom of the stairs. The overwhelm rising each day. The frustration and anxiety becoming ingrained… Continue reading Why is a Cluttered House so Stressful?