simple living

Simply (belated) Friday

This week has been half term which usually means a massive week of stress, anxiety and rush.

This time was different.

I’ve gotta admit that Monday was super stressful- a ‘I’m going to ground you for 10 years!’ Type of day. But the rest… Simplicity really is key.

This weeks main minimalist action has been through play, and simplifying how we engage with the boys. Simplifying is not neglecting or removing all the toys, instead we have optimised natural resources or items which purpose was not intended for kids to play with.

  • We spent time in the garden making ramps with old guttering. Learning how the height of something effects how fast the water runs.
  • We went to our local woodland area and picked leaves, took them home and researched which tree they were.
  • I had ‘help’ painting the fence. Which reinforced the idea of looking after the things which we buy, to reduce consumerism.

None of these activities were particularly exciting, however through each thing, we spent time together. Learnt new things and spent time in the great outdoors.

Our pace was not dictated by a diary filled with activity.

We didn’t rush through traditional games or toys meant to pass the time.

Instead, the normal everyday, the simple things which we miss, became the highlights. The experience of the journey became paramount.

Toys are needed, but when billions of pounds are spent each year entertaining our little one, its brings to light the existence of the every day and the sometimes necessary and boring jobs, rejuvenating them with a new sense of wonder through the eyes of children.

The simplicity of life can guide us. Nature provides opportunities. Chores and jobs become places of education and fun when one focuses on the overall value.

A x

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