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Simply Friday

Friday’s are usually the sigh for the end of the week.

The time when bottles of wine are opened, beer gets cooled and a sense of relief overwhelms your soul.

Another week survived.

Another week of stress, rush and overwhelm.

This isn’t how it needs to be. These feelings do not have to be consistant.

As a family we are committed to living a much more intentional, simple life and hope to extend the Friday feeling to everyday, to make our lives as stress free and streamlined as possible.

This new series of blog posts will be every Friday, sharing the ways how this week we have simplified and minimised our lives. It’s so easy to see Pinterest and Instagram and wonder how people managed to get these homes and lives. Instead i intend to illustrate the steps we have taken weekly to be more intentional with our lives.

1) I have begun to minimise the amount of TV that we all watch and consume… There is so much rubbish instantly at our disposal. As a culture we are flicking happy, we don’t enjoy something, or find something interesting, we change the channel. Instant gratification. Instant happiness. Yet it’s all temporary. The things which we fill our Minds with from the TV fill our mental health and our imagination. As a result, we have reduced TV time, especially with the voys. They are no longer allowed to watch TV during the week, rather we encourage them to play and read. Has it been easy? Far from it! It would be so much easier to stick on the TV, but the difference in behaviour is astonishing. Fighting and ninja moves are no longer persistent and uncontrollable. Instead we are all learning to adapt to this new lifestyle and embrace this space in our schedule for time together.

2) I have begun another round of decluttering. Some days i feel drowned in clutter still, especially our kitchen! But i am determined to continue to reduce our possession and to live a life of contentment. I find that so hard at times, I always want something else. At the moment its a dog!! 🙈. Yet i respect the reality which is surrounding me. I am trying to train myself to look for the things i am content about and the things which i love. Those are the things i most invest my time and energy in, not the future and other possibilities.

This weeks simple changes are really simple. Maybe you want to look at the ways which you can change your life to no longer get the Friday feeling? Is there a simple way which you’re able To change circumstances to provide a sense of rest and peace to your life. Let me know 🙂 A x

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