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The Year of New Beginnings

This is the year I…Do we say that every year?Pin our hopes on something new?Usually, this happened at the start of a new year or at least an academic year. It’s different this time. My new beginning starts at the end of a season. The end of a season of education, rigidity and deadlines. The end of continuously being stimulated and driven to succeed and perform academically.This new season brings a time of space. A time of rest, space, reflection and time.I’m entering a season of ‘Simply Tuesday’ to use Emily Freeman’s language. Just an average time, nothing spectacular, nothing definitive, and nothing which makes this season successful.For the Type A, good grief this sends anxiety racing through me. Having no ‘purpose’, no role which I can identify with…But maybe this is the time I was created for… Perhaps this space is the time when this season of simplicity materialises, creates roots and becomes a permanent fixture: no more university, but a whole lot of time for reflection, rest and time.It also means I’ll be able to blog more and rediscover the joy I found in this writing. . . Self-discovery is coming up, who knows what may be unearthed 😂 But I’m happy to share these ‘Tuesday’ moments with you and see these journey to simplicity and minimalism!

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