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Decluttering Your Mind

I have a messy, unorganised brain.

I have no speed limits, no traffic lights, just pure chaos of thoughts.

Living minimally can be the easy bit; for me, it is anyway. Give me a bag, and I’ll fill it for stuff to charity! But my head, I don’t think I ever believed it would be any different. How do you declutter your thought process and to do lists? Your expectations and your disappointments.

This part of simplifying our life has been the hardest. It’s immeasurable and cannot be genuinely analysed. As someone addicted to measurable productivity, this has seemed the hardest part.

This week has been a rough week, feelings of loneliness, rejection, failure have been reigning, and it’s felt like I just haven’t measured up to the standards which are expected. Feelings of hope, laughter and love interjected through the week and made a considerable impact.

But, I realised so much of my mental clutter is surrounded by the feeling of ‘making it’, being successful, getting to the right place. Did I need to define what success meant to be? What is the point which I’m trying to reach?

I couldn’t. I don’t have an answer.

What if we are not made for one moment of success? Maybe for some people, there is a perfect job or vocation, there is one dream and desire which is their sole purpose in life, but what if we can have multiple successes? Perhaps if we pay attention to the seasons in our lives, we can find the times of prosperity.

Instead of striving for the one perfect success, the thing we’re meant to be; maybe we are meant for many moments. I have minimalised my thought process of success, decluttering the junk and the worry that I don’t know my exact thing for my life.

What is your idea of success?

Do you want to declutter and minimise your headspace?

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