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Minimalist Kids Wardrobes

As you’ve probably gathered by now I hate to do the clothes washing, the drying of them, the folding and then the putting away!

When I became familiar with minimalism, one of the main things which attracted me was able to reduce the number of clothes which we all owned, including the boys. Minimalist wardrobes seemed key!

After the success of minimising what I owned, I knew I had to start on the boy’s clothes. Since I have boys who don’t care what they wear, they always tend to look like they’ve been dragged through a hedge!, I knew that this was a solo mama mission!

In my weekly schedule, I know that I can easily do 2-3 loads of clothes washing a week, without it being too much for me. Therefore, I knew around seven outfits were adequate for everyday wear.

I didn’t follow a plan, sorry Marie kondo! But simply went for it!

How to create a minimalist child’s wardrobe:

  1. I chose the colour scheme. Seems ridiculous but I recognised I always put them in bright colours rather than muted ones. To make the capsule wardrobe easy for everyone, all items had to mix and match. Defining the primary colours they wore helped to do that! We go for blues and reds mainly!
  2. I went through tops, shirts, jeans and trousers first. Obviously being boys meant skirts and dresses weren’t included, but the same principles apply. I picked the items which I really like, washed well, and the boys seemed to choose themselves. I chose seven tops, and two shirts for ‘best‘. Plus seven trousers, including a black pair for each which would do for parties etc. They are a mixture of joggers, jeans and chino style pants. I also choose five shorts for the summer months.
  3. Next, I went through PJs, each boy picked the three pairs of PJs they wanted to keep. Again, this was relatively easy by removing those that were outgrown and a bit worse for wear.
  4. For underwear, I bought black socks, all black socks. 20 pairs of socks in total. They share them, so I never have to worry about finding a matching pair of socks! I cannot explain how much time this has saved!!! Again, underpants wise, they both have around ten pairs each of pants, and since they both fit in the same size, I only buy one size. Again this makes my life easier, wash, dry and divide 🙌
  5. For shoes, they each have one pair for school , one pair of trainers, and a pair of wellies. For now this works for us but we are aware in the future this may change.

Everything aside from the shorts for summer, and the shirts, which are hung in a wardrobe, are then folded into drawers. We have the Ikea drawers which are excellent although not the best long term!

Since reducing the amount of clothes, boy 2 who is 3, is able to out away the clothes into the correct drawers. I know that holidays are covered since we have a weeks wardrobe and I do washing twice a week normally.

On a side note, I’ve always tried to buy second hand, but 2019s goal is to try and buy organic and ethical when I need to buy new.

Try it out and see, it has been one of the most time saving things I’ve discovered since becoming minimalism. I dare you to see if it makes as big of an impact as it has for us!

One thought on “Minimalist Kids Wardrobes

  1. This is a great post! I want to try and implement this for our children. I have a thing for fun and pretty patterns but they don’t always match and I struggle to put an outfit together most days. I think we need to stick to a colour scheme at least. Thanks!


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