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Intentional Futures

Ten weeks to go.

20 days of lectures.

Then this season of my life is done.

Three years of crazy schedules, stress, and multitasking. (Bathing the kids and essay writing is my fav!)

Three years of laughter and love and friendships.

Now the seasons are changing, and new things are going to be springing up.

I love that my degree finishes on the week of my birthday. I will be entering a new year with new intentions and new priorities. The bulbs that have been planted these past few years will begin to blossom and bloom ā€” bringing a new sense of freedom, life and new beginnings.

But finishing something also brings new challenges. I am currently in the midst of essays, dissertation, and job applications. Urgency and the feelings of rush and anxiety can be felt across my peers and me. The question ringing in the air of ‘What’s next?’.

I have recently been reading some of Jen at Simply + Fiercely, and I read something which stood out to me. It continues to percolate and soothe my soul from the anxiety of what’s next.

She writes;

“It’s about curating your life so that your choices are in alignment with the things that matter most.”

This simple line has changed the way that I have approached these final few weeks and the future after uni. A I began defining values which are important to my family and me, I’ve worked out those must be paramount. Any job must align with them to ensure my families best chance at happiness. There is no point me applying for a job which results in 100 hour weeks in an office when my values reflect relationships, nature and rest.

Just how we are intentional with our lives physically and with our actions. I must also be intentional in my future choices. We are acknowledging that decisions now, affect the future. Deliberate choices now curate the future life we want to have.

Side Note: I have been in situations before when I have had to make decisions based on external factors, e.g. money! And I know these types of choices aren’t always valuable. We are blessed that we are in a place where that isn’t a concern.

So I’ll let you know how I get on, embracing the intentional for my future self.

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