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Minimalist Toys

I am always amazed at the sheer number of toys which come into our house! Two small humans probably own more toys than we do furniture!! And let’s not get started on lego…

I honestly believe that lego is probably the cause of so many parents stresses and breakdowns!
though secretly we all love it 😉

Before we started simplifying and minimising we had so many toys, many of which were never played with were broken or not age appropriate. I was obsessed with storage boxes to hide the plastic and gain control.

Minimalist toys and storage for toys — Kallax unit in white with b&q boxes.
Our downstairs toys in Kallax unit.

Boy number 1 would always say he was bored and would end up climbing the walls, at this point, boy 2 was obsessed with cars and would only play with them. I realised something significant needed to happen to gain control.

I was apprehensive to declutter the toys; I didn’t want them to have anything or feel like I was a horrible parent (well more than normal!). But the more I read about having fewer toys, the more I was confident that minimising the toys was the right thing to do.

We were officially becoming a minimalist family by including the boys and their things. So we began!

We used various methods to minimise the toys as explained below:

  • We went through each box and removed all the broken toys or toys that were missing vital parts. Boy one was involved, but boy 2 is still a bit little.
  • We then went through and got rid of anything which was not the appropriate age, mostly baby toys that had become mixed up.
  • Next, we asked the boys to pick twenty things they would be happy to give away. Surprisingly they were happy to give stuff away and decided to donate much more than just twenty.
  • Over the next few weeks, we observed the things they played with and got out toys they may have forgotten about and looked to see if they played with them. If they just weren’t interested, we donated them.

This is a straightforward way to declutter toys and to become more intentional with the toys which we have. The boys have also become much more generous with their toys.

Upstairs kallax unit for toys.

The positives of minimalist toys:

  1. Less fighting over toys
  2. More concentration when playing, instead of being bored they play!!
  3. Easier to tidy up
  4. Fewer toys have meant we have played as a family much more.
  5. They look after the toys which they have.
  6. A much happier Mama!!

Let me know if you’re as overwhelmed as I was with the toys and whether you’re up for minimising the toys in your house!

One thought on “Minimalist Toys

  1. Great article. I am definitely overwhelmed by all the toys! 95% of the toys we have are presents from grandparents, other family and friends, so it’s hard to say no. I might have to start donating a bundle of toys every now again, otherwise it’ll just get too much.


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