Minimalist Home- Decluttering

Minimalist wardrobe ✔

Minimalist kitchen ✔

Minimalist living room ✔

Kids minimalist wardrobe ✔

But I still have too much stuff!

Last weekend we had another trip to the tip and to the charity shop. The car was jam-packed full on both trips of stuff we no longer wanted/needed or had broken. Admittedly, a lot was the things we had just got round to removing from Christmas like the big boxes etc. But I was still in shock at how much we were getting rid of.

I am definitely not a sentimental person so decluttering is not difficult in that respect, but I do struggle with the idea of all that money, time and waste we have produced by buying it, owning it, and then disposing of it (whether charity or the dump).

Deckuttering the house, becoming minimalist, less is more, family minimalism bags of clutter

As a family, we are trying to embrace minimalism as much as we can. Cue eye roll from the hubby who would only own a bed, clothes and his console! 🙄 We have decluttered multiple times, gave away multiples and been intentional with the items we are bringing into the house.

However, I’m constantly reminded that it is a process. Realising and challenging the reasons why we buy things because 9/10 times there is a reason, can be hard. These reasons can be so uncomfortable, like really uncomfortable. In my bid to transition to a minimalist mindset, I had to work through my issues of control and impatience. I bought stuff just because I could buy it now! I so often bought things because they were cheaper than the item I wanted, but then didn’t really like them that much and bought something else instead later on!

I think comparison also plays a part! Even when it comes down to this blog- you look at other peoples blogs and see how well theyre doing etc… So often we slip from the mindset of contentment, realignment is so often needed.

So on that note, I’m going to try and be minimalistic, intentional and encourage a more patient mindset. Do you struggle with the same spending issues? Can you identify any particular Thought process Ehen purchasing? Let me know 😊

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