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An Open Letter of Gratitude to Those Who Have Brought Joy to My Motherhood

Happiness in parenthood has come from an amalgamation of people who have brought intense joy to my life. Who have ridden out the sleepless nights, the depression and mental health problems, the sick child and the accident-prone child who doesn’t bounce! My joy in parenthood has come from these people.

The people who bring the smiles, the laughter, the gin and the stories which help make this journey full of joy which can be missed through the hustle of daily life. After reading a post on, I thought I would share some of my gratitude which has lead to a much more joy-filled motherhood.

  • My husband– without you, I wouldn’t have been blessed with these two beautiful yet crazy boys. You watched both be born and have stayed through the nitty gritty parts of parenthood. You cheered me on when I thought I was going to die from sleep deprivation. You took them for walks in the pram which lasted hours (even though I know you snuck in a McDonalds ๐Ÿ˜‰). Despite my mental illness and the effects of it, you have stayed a constant in my life. Never leaving. Never stopping to fight for the woman you know I can be. For that, you have contributed to joyful motherhood
  • My parents– You have loved me unconditionally. You have picked me up, wiped the tears from my cheeks and set me back on the path of life. You have given me advice which has increased my joy in my marriage and parenthood (and some I have chosen to ignore ๐Ÿ˜‚). You continually tell me how amazing it is to be a grandparent and the pride I feel for being able to give you that gift will last a lifetime! For that, you have contributed to my joyful motherhood.
  • My Mother in law– You taught me that some days it’s just about survival and that’s okay, it won’t harm them and they will survive. You did it for eight; I’m sure I can do it with two. You gave me M, and for that I am grateful. For that, you have contributed joy to my motherhood.
  • My sister– you have been there through it all. The ups and downs and craziness of my life. Who has never wavered in her belief in me and who loves my boys enough to give them a guitar (I think that’s love…..๐Ÿ˜€). You drag me out for runs when I don’t want to, and you’re the one who pulls me up on my faults. For that, you have contributed joy to my motherhood.
  • My sister in laws and brother in laws– you are the ones we turn to when we’ve had a rough night/morning /afternoon/evening (delete as appropriate). You’ve watched the boys and had sleepovers, you’ve bought Christmas presents and showered them with sugar… Thanks! You have had them when I came off and on medication and never let the boys holidays be ruined. Despite the distance in some cases, I know that you are always around the corner. For that, you have contributed joy to my motherhood.
  • My mum squad who became my closest friends– you ladies have proved that there is no right way to parent. Who have gone through hard times and have still maintained a posture of grace and an attitude of positivity. Who send a WhatsApp message and suggest prosseco when the holidays seem endless. I can’t forget my go-to friend who has seen the good, the bad and the downright ugly of both me, the kids and our family. The mile walks to school and living so close has meant friendship has turned to family, without whom we would be lost. For that I am grateful. You guys are my go-to team for love, support, a moan and a cheeky cocktail! For that, you have contributed joy to my motherhood.

So for me, that’s who has increased joy to my motherhood. I have missed people out who also have brought joy, but it would last a million pages! You guys know who you are anyway!

So my dare to you this week…. make a list of people who have made an impact in the season you’re in. Be that parenthood, being single, being married, being bereaved… we all have a list of those who have brought happiness and joy to our lives. I’d love to hear your responses!

One thought on “An Open Letter of Gratitude to Those Who Have Brought Joy to My Motherhood

  1. I love this! It made me well up in parts, and I feel like I can really relate to your stories. My mother in law sounds exactly like yours (Sheโ€™s a mother of 6 and brings me back down to earth with my motherhood worries) and my Whats app Mum squad hear it all without judgement.

    Youโ€™ve inspired me to make my own gratitude list. I look forward to reading more of your posts


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