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2018/19 Reflection

”Be present”

That was my word for 2018. Despite the ups and downs which 2018 has brought, I feel like it has grounded me significantly in what I did and what how I responded. Being mindful of being present has meant I have spent much more time with the boys and win Mr M, and have intentionally put Down my phone and have instead felt freer to be in the moment.

We have created a ton of memories this year, from simple ones like going on walks to bigger ones like going on holiday. These memories aren’t all collected in pictures on my phone, although I do love taking them and referring back to them!

A big step I took to be more present is deleting Pinterest and Facebook off my phone. I am a serial scroller and found it scary how much time I spent on these apps. Thanks, new iPhone update!!

We have removed so much clutter from our house. It is now much more minimal and simple which means less physical clutter and mental clutter which accompanies this. By reducing clothes has resulted in less washing and dryer so again more time to be around and less ‘mummy is busy!’ Having clothes which I genuinely love and want means getting ready in the morning is so much easier and less stressful. My weight is a constant worry, and the anxiety about losing weight has decreased!

I wrote a list of all that I have achieved this year, and I recommend you do it too! It’s a great exercise to see all the positives and all the amazing things which you have achieved. I put life into perspective!

So this years word took a lot of thought. I wanted something which would be relevant for all four of us and influence the decisions which we make. And the word we came up with was…….. JOY.

We want to bring more joy into our lives and be intentional about creating a lifestyle which fosters joy and contentment.

2019 we hope, will be full of happiness, hope and laughter, and delve deeper into what it means to live a joyful life!

I challenge you, to think of a word which will test, shape and mould your choices, behaviour and attitude to create an environment which you want!

One thought on “2018/19 Reflection

  1. Great post. I am going to come up with a word for the year. I have a Manifesto for the year and some January goals written down . But a “word for the year” is a great idea. Thanks for posting this 🙂

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