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Maintaining Slow

The addiction to busy is something I constantly have to battle. 

The pull of the buzz of completing something, of assisting, of seeing every person and accepting every party invite. To do all the jobs and to be seen as the competent and together. The woman who can do it all! 

Did you notice?

All of my worth was based on my production. My self esteem came from what others thought of me. 

This week, the pull, the busy nearly dragged me in. The need to be in control and to accomplish things. To do it all. A family situation has caused massive stress on me and Mr M. We wanted to be everything to everyone, to please them and make the right decisions. I was concerned about what others may think and feel. I was loosing my confidence in the decisions I made, and second guessing my instincts. 

This morning, after the crash that ultimately comes for me after the stress of constantly trying to be THE person, I concluded that we need to stay true to our family values. To make decisions which are ingrained in our daily lives. This will result in change, it will include the pull to be busy and to be everywhere for everyone. But we need to remain slow.

But how do you turn to slow?

Today reminded me that the desire to live a simpler life is a continual decision. To say no events, to turn off the phone, to sit and talk, to choose slow. In order to do that, as a family, we need to continue to practice gratitude, the be mindful (check out the Headspace app, they have some great meditations for children), and to choose with intention the things we want to do.

There are two weeks left in the year, lets see if we can end it with gratitude in our hears and minds. With the gift of slow, enabling us to spend time together as a family and to create some great memories, rather than ones of business and stress. 

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