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The Importance of Values

Do you always respond in the same way to situations?

Are you always drawn to certain things or drawn to certain people?

It may be down to the values you hold.

Our values inform our thoughts, our words and our actions. Whenever we make a decision our values are always integrated to that choice. Yet, what is so key is that our values can help us to grow more aware of who we are and can help us to understand why we respond in certain ways.

Crucially however, being mindful of our values can help with career choices, life decisions and our interactions with others.

Below are a list of values, go through and see what values stand out to you and see what you hold onto. Try and narrow it down to 10-15!

To warn you it’s hard!

It is not about choosing the values you WANT to have, rather, the ones which you already have.

I am going to add this list to the resource page so you’re able to quickly print it off at a later date if you prefer!

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