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How to Start Simplifying

The process to begin simplifying is not a one time thing! Unfortunately, there is no magic spell! Instead it is a continual process. A process of questioning, processing and implementing the changes you want to see. 

The process of simplifying won’t happen overnight. In order for this change to happen, it has to be processed at emotional, cognitive and behavioural levels. The old fast paced, consumer driven, stressed and chaotic lifestyle will take time to transform into a much more simple life.

So lets do it!

The Process to Simplicity

WHAT do you want to change?

What part is too busy? Too chaotic? Too stressful? For me, it was all of it! I was drowning in laundry, my schedule was crazy, we had toys which were taking over the house, our spending was becoming out of control, just to name a few! As a family we spent little, intentional time together and when we did, we were all exhausted and stressed. My mental health was so bad, and I was struggling to get out of bed. I wanted to change my whole life! I wanted to slow down, be more intentional and chill the heck out!

WHY do you want to change?

I simply could not of carried on with my life being the same as it was. I knew that if I could make changes to minimalise our life, to simplify it, I would be able to the person, the wife and the mum that I wanted to be. My mental health would be much better, our family would become closer and we all wouldn’t be worn out by the end of the week! Your WHY has to be significant to you, because sometimes that is the only thing which pushes you forward.

HOW will you get there?

What steps will be needed to taken. The key is simple steps. S.M.A.R.T goals are excellent! It may be, declutter your wardrobe, by reducing it by 15 items in a set time frame. Start off in easy places and gain momentum! I started with my clothes, then did the boys clothes. 

Where will you get SUPPORT and have ACCOUNTABILITY?

Do it with other people! Engage your partner, your parents, your best friends who have seen your craziness! I have one friend who now gives me a slap (metaphorically of course!) whenever i get glassy eyed about a new candle or begin to fill my diary up too much. Accountability and support is really important when trying to make some of the harder decisions.

So there you have it! Once you have those four questions answered and processed, it can make it easier. Write it down, stick it up on the fridge, just keep it somewhere that you can reread it. Keep the ‘what you want’ and ‘why you want it’ poignant! 

Have fun guys, and let me know what you want to change!

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