Just Own Less!

I was constantly tidying up. Constantly trying to maintain order and control.

I was trying to make a circle fit into a square. The circle of my life, into the square of perfection and my idea of what my life should look like.

I realised that whilst amazing storage boxes are fab, I still had too much stuff! The dress that I was going to fit into to…. The toys the boys played with only when I was tidying out the boxes…. The table settings I have never used in 8 years! If things are going free, I’d take it. Having limited money meant we never said no to anything! But then I realised how much space, time and energy my possessions were taking up. Time that is limited and finite. Time that could be spent in a hundred different ways.

I dreaded coming home. Dreaded coming back to mayhem and mess. The home which I craved became an unwelcoming place of chaos and of relentless stuff.

Things needed to change and they had to be radical. For months I kept waking up with the words ‘Radical Change’, and this was my time to embrace this change.

I started slow and got rid of all the things which were unpractical and I never used. As a black and white person, this was easy, yet as a perfectionist I found this harder the further I went. I continually felt the need to perfect my home and removing things was not the way I was used to.

The US has loads of bloggers and books which encourage this type of lifestyle change but I found few in the UK. Hence why I’ve started this!

So here are my five places to start to declutter:

1. The kitchen- get rid of the stuff in the junk drawer, the things which are saved for the ‘what if’s’. In most cases there isn’t much sentimentality in here so it really can be done in 15 mins chunks.

2. The bathroom- again, toss the old shampoo bottles, the make up you never use, the razors which are too blunt. I gave stuff away to my friends if it was good stuff but I never used it!

3. Your wardrobe- As a start, go through and remove everything which is broken, doesn’t fit, never been worn etc. Gift it or charity shop it. Turn them into cleaning cloths!

4. Ornaments you don’t love- that vase that you hate! The picture which just fills a space. Embrace the white space!

5. Jewellery- any earrings which aren’t in a pair. Necklaces which are tangled up. Anything which turns you green!

Even though these are such little things, each little step clears some of the clutter and clears the chaos. Freeing up both time and energy to invest in other things.

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